Friday, April 30, 2010

Nokia 1616 Review

Mobile-review have posted their review of the Nokia 1616. Here is their final impression.

Call quality is on par with modern GSM handsets, not better and not worse than most of them. Earpiece volume in some cases is not sufficient, you want to increase it a little, but unfortunately, you cannot. But the microphone sensitivity is nothing to dwell upon, the person on the other end almost always hears you well. The 1616 features 32-tone polyphony; ringtone volume is average; sound quality of preinstalled tunes is quite bearable. You can’t set your own ringtones, except for those five that you can create using “Tune Synthesizer”. The vibrating alert is average, sometimes it you cannot feel it.

The loudspeaker works without any problems.

MSRP for the 1616 is set at 24 Euro, similar to Nokia 1661 - the models are actually twins, an upgraded 1616 has the only trump card – keypad that is more pleasant. Should one look at competing solutions, there is only one - Samsung E1125 - that can be regarded as a rival, but it has lower display resolution, though other features are comparable to the Nokia-branded device. Given that such models are bought without long online research, both of the devices are sold in huge quantities; in fact we can say that are permanently in short supply. In this aspect, Nokia 1616 is a successful model from the first days of its life. It has no problems, it is reliable, inexpensive, and it is Nokia. Bestseller that can be recommended as a cheap phone for calls without any hesitation. A perfect solution for its class.

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