Saturday, May 1, 2010

Palm Pre Plus, Pantech Breeze 2 dummies showing up in AT&T stores

It's pretty wild that neither Palm nor AT&T have fessed up to a release date for the GSM-ified versions of the Pre Plus or Pixi Plus yet -- especially considering that there are already unboxings going on -- but we've now got confirmation that dummy units (of the Pre Plus, anyhow) are filtering into retail stores, so it definitely shouldn't be much longer now. Dummies of an updated version of the ultra-simple Pantech Breeze (uncreatively named Breeze 2) is also coming in, so between these two, you should pretty much be able to outfit every member of the family from grandpa to the newborn. Seriously though, AT&T -- wait much longer on this release, and this sucker's going to be obsolete.

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