Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CMC chairman: Company not ready for CIGS volume production

CMC Magnetics will not begin volume production of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) modules just yet, according to company chairman Robert Wong. Besides more research and development efforts are needed to ensure its CIGS technology is volume production ready, the ferocious price increase of indium posts another obstacle, said Wong.

Prices of indium, a rare metal that is also applied in LCD technology, have increased 50 folds the past three years. China produces roughly 58% of the world's indium, and the government has instated tougher export regulations since 2008 due to its rarity and importance, Wong pointed out.

Therefore, even if CIGS technology is ready, cost of mass producing such products may not come down due to indium prices, Wong added.

CMC also has presence in other PV fields. Subsidiaries Sun Q Solar and Sun Well Solar manufacture crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film PV modules, respectively.

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