Sunday, May 2, 2010

Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 leaks as S5620 Monte goes Iron Man 2

The latest member of the Samsung Galaxy line-up was officially announced only a few days back, but Samsung already have its successor in the pipeline, the I5800/I5801 Galaxy 3. Meanwhile the Samsung S5620 Monte got an Iron Man 2 special edition.

While there still aren't any images available of the rumored Samsung I5800/I5801 (a.k.a. Samsung Galaxy 3) some of its feature have already been revealed. The UA profile of the handset reveals that it will come with the Android OS on board (it's not clear which version, though) and will pack a 240 x 480 screen.

That last bit sounds more like a typo to us but if it isn't, the I5801 will be the first device out there coming with a display of such resolution. We've only seen Android-run phones (including those made by Samsung) packing HVGA, WVGA or QVGA screens and this one doesn't fit in either of those groups. Plus the 2:1 aspect ratio doesn't seem too well suited for mobile phones.

That aside, the I5801 is also expected to come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

As for the nickname, the I5800 has been listed by a few European retailers as Samsung Galaxy 3. So, it's the sixth member of the Galaxy family we are talking about. The news of its existence comes just a couple of days after the Galaxy A was officially unveiled. Unfortunately, there is still no information of when the Galaxy 3 will be announced.

Speaking of announcements, Samsung and O2 UK have just unveiled the Samsung S5620 Monte Iron Man 2 edition. Unlike the standard S5620 Monte which you already know, the special edition comes with the first Iron Man movie, plus a trailer and behind-the-scenes videos from the second one stored in the enclosed memory card. The Samsung S5620 Monte Iron Man 2 edition is already available across O2 UK's stores.

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