Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ZumoDrive update adds sharing from your phone

I have been spending some time lately trying to figure out a good solution for both backing up and accessing my data across multiple devices, including my MSI Wind, iPad, Palm Pre Plus, Google Nexus One, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and other devices. Due to the large cross platform mobile device support I have narrowed my two choices down to SugarSync and ZumoDrive. Each client seems to keep updating as I try to figure out my choice and today we see that ZumoDrive released updates for iPhone, Android, and Palm webOS smartphones. You can now upload and download files to ZumoDrive right from your smartphone and that is a MAJOR benefit to me personally.

With the new applications, you can get your playlists, photo albums or other files on your devices without taking up local disc space and without having to use wires to physically sync your files. As David Zhao, Founder and CEO of ZumoDrive said:

Consumers are taking more pictures and videos on their phones than ever before. ZumoDrive has always given users a way to save and share this content across a variety of devices, but we’ve improved media streaming and made it possible to upload and download files to give users a better experience. We have incorporated feedback from our users to make a more robust and seamless experience.

As stated in the press release, the new features in these applications include the following:

* Ability to upload pictures & videos on iPhone, Android, Palm devices
* Ability to download files to iPhone, Android, Palm devices
* Ability to share content directly from iPhone, Android, Palm devices
* Improved media streaming on Android and Palm devices
* Password protection to lock the iPhone app

ZumoDrive automatically syncs users’ personal content across their devices, providing instant access to their media and other files from their computers and smartphones. ZumoDrive’s “ultra-thin file replication” makes this possible by streaming users’ music, video and photos to them at a moment’s notice.

The iPhone, Android and WebOS applications are available from their respective app stores and from www.zumodrive.com/download/iphone, www.zumodrive.com/download/android and www.zumodrive.com/download/palm, respectively. ZumoDrive is also available for Linux, Mac and PC.

I loaded up the latest client on my Google Nexus One and Palm Pre Plus yesterday and am very impressed with the speed and capability of the updated applications. I am pretty certain I found my new preferred cloud storage and sharing client.

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