Thursday, February 3, 2011

The agony of hard drives

Hard drives, as many probably know, have a life and do not last forever. From time to time over the years are emerging a series of unusual sounds when we turn on the computer that indicate that our HDDs are, little by little, asking little place in the sky of the disks will end up going with the passage of time. 

Datacenter, a company that handles data recovery, has a website that collects the sounds of hard drives with errors and is divided by the creator and it explains the error. This is for example what can be read in one of many listings, "Seagate desktop drive with bad heads slowly clicks and beeps on spin up."
From Datacenter explain that if your hard drives are making a sound similar to those that can listen on their website the best you can do is a backup and fast because soon stop working. I wonder if the experts of the company and they will realize what is happening only to listen. A kind of HDDs researchers.
How to identify the problem if your disk is having one of these sounds? What you have to do is try to get as close as possible to the gadget, not to confuse the sound you are making with that of, for example, fan in your computer.
Then you must enter Eco Data Recovery is a place where you can listen to the five most common problems that may have HDDs are usually click, scrape, head, or hitting bearings. If the sound you're making your album is like one of those listed on the web, the best thing to do is go to buy another as backup to do not stay without a computer.
Another fairly simple to find possible mistakes, but he sometimes fails, is the use of SMART (Self Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology), a technology specially made to detect problems with hard drives.

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