Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apple is planning to reduce the time limit for the in-app purchase

Already a few months ago we told you about the game of the Smurfs published by Capcom in the App Store: it's a free play, through in-app purchase gives the user a chance to buy new items and new homes paying their prices. Being a game suitable for children, many parents find themselves having to pay hundreds of euro from Apple, on account of such purchases.

After the recent cases of recent days, always refer to this game (with parents who have had to pay even $ 1.4000 puffosi of houses and objects), Apple complained to Capcom for the constant complaints of parents. To address this problem, Apple would be looking into the possibility of reducing the time limit for purchases without password.

The IOS, in fact, provides that within 15 minutes after the last password entry App Store, also purchase the system in-app asks for it when you make a purchase. It is in these 15 minutes that you can buy everything without having to re-enter your password. Apple wants to lower this time to 5 minutes.

Recall, however, that all parents can already defend themselves with the tools provided by ios:

* Wait 15 minutes after the last password entry
* Temporarily disable the account under Settings / Store
* Enter the restriction on the purchase through on-going General app purchase / Restrictions / Purchasing In-App

In this way, you're sure to have no nasty surprises on the invoice.

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