Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apple patents Image Editing and Photo Booth to IOS

Probably remember the appearance of the icons in PhotoBooth iOS 4.3 on iPhone that is on the iPad, which had led to believe that Apple would have on the Serbian system already present in Mac OS X or change shots taken with your device. Today comes the confirmation that Apple had patented by the patent office officially on photo editing using Photo Booth on devices with IOS.

The patent explains how it can apply different effects of "alteration" to images taken with iPhone, even in a non-induced by touch command, but detecting the surrounding environment via recorded sounds from the microphone or movements identified by the gyroscope and accelerometer in the device .

The reaction between the external event and alteration of the image is shaped by the specifications defined by the user.

If iOS 4.3 does not really introduce these features, it is likely that we will find next summer with about iPhone 5 iOS 5.

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