Monday, February 21, 2011

AT & T will provide its users with the functionality Hotspot iOS 4.3

According to what we are told by the guys at MacRumors have AT & T plans to offer its users the Hotspot feature with IOS 4.3.

A news that we are interested in part because our Italian mobile operators (TIM, Vodafone and Three) could consider this possibility as the U.S. mobile operator.

This feature, exclusive to Verizon for the time being, allows you to turn iPhone 4 in a hotspot which can be connected up to 5 devices.

Verizon lets you take advantage of this functionality by providing additional 2 GB at a cost of $ 20 per month. Some users have found that AT & T with IOS 4.3 beta feature works by having an active hotspot tethering plan, 2GB for $ 20 more per month.

Now we just have to wait for the final version of IOS 4.3, scheduled for later this month and see how they will behave the Italian mobile operators. You would be willing to spend € 20 more per month to take advantage of this feature?

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  1. Hasn't AT&T been saying all along that they are providing Hotspot in February? It is a feature of new iOS, not a Verizon exclusive.