Saturday, February 26, 2011

A first look at the new Symbian interface

As I explained during the week, Nokia wants to wipe the head the idea that Symbian has an expiration date, although they themselves set out in three years, they invite further development and constant improvements promise with new phones. 

One of the most anticipated updates on the current ^ 3 Symbian phones like the Nokia N8 or E7, is a facelift to the user interface. An image that comes from an event in China could introduce its first appearance.

This is a rendering of the desktop, which I share with the current look, so notéis differences. The first thing you notice is the appearance of a status bar at the top, regardless of the desktop, in the present elements are superimposed on the background and take up more space. 

We also noticed a redesign of the buttons on the bottom, changing words and icons, again taking up less desk space. It also gives the feeling that the new widgets take up less space and have more freedom of movement on the desktop. 

A number of details that remind us of Android, but we've seen earlier in prototypes like the Nokia N9 disappeared. Nokia may want to standardize the look you look in the future Meego and Symbian, and who knows if Windows Phone 7 will have an idea.

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