Monday, February 28, 2011

Guide: how to use the iPhone (jailbroken) only on 3 G network

Guide: how to use the iPhone (jailbroken) only on 3 G network...

Thanks to the work done by our user Diego Let's show you how step-by-step to help you capture the bandwidth of your iPhone UMTS mode only, very useful for example to avoid entering into roaming with TIM if you use THREE tabs, or simply to ensure a constant connection without ever switch from 3 G to 2 G.


* An iPhone jailbroken with Cydia installed;
* iFile installed from Cydia.


1. first install iFile via Cydia, launch the program and follow the following path:


2. Find the file csidata that contains all of the wireless parameters:

3. open the text viewer mode and let the rows that contain:

GsmRegistrationModel: fRatSelection = 0 × 1
GsmRegistrationModel: fRatPreferred = 0 x

4. in the first line we can vary the type of bandwidth and the second we specify the preferred. Let's see how we can set the values of the first line:

0 × 0-band 2G network only

0 × 1 2G/3G Auto-selection priority for the preferred row 2

0 × 2 single-band 3G network

5. If you cannot find the lines with these parameters you can add them by editing the file by using the Edit button in the upper left and writing exactly like figure above remembering to insert the parameter 0 × 2 to get only the band UMTS (3G).

6. now click on Save and restart the iPhone.

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