Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Steve ... [OUR THOUGHTS]

"As long as you smile you'll never be old ... As long as you have the joy of life no disease can ever defeat you ... until you hear my heart beat faster you will have the strength to get up" ... With these words I would like to begin this reflection, well, this little digression from our blog to celebrate a special day, this February 24, the day 56 years ago came a special person, destined to travel a winding road but full of great moments and lots of emotions: Steve Jobs.

I do not know why I'm here to write these lines, and even if it is right to do so with a veil of melancholy not so hidden. Yet in these days when so many voices overlap resigned about the health of our dear Steve, I feel really sad. Sometimes there are people you meet and you always seem to know ... Maybe you share with them only a few steps and we exchange a few words, I know, the bar or in line at the post. It is said that those who send us a lot and they do it from the first glance, are those which fit perfectly with our way of being. If all we had people around so many misunderstandings, many disagreements and conflicts would not exist and will be able to live with less stress, less anger and more welfare. But the "soul mates" are so scattered at random in the world, that whoever is lucky it is perhaps only a life ... that is the true friend or your spouse.

Here, thinking of Steve Jobs I feel exactly those feelings: the way I learned to know him through his looks, his amazing ability to communicate, especially her smile and her incredible passion in what he does, I have always hit the me deep and they did hear and feel really close. Sure, I admit it is hard to believe that everything Steve has done in recent years is only the fruit of passion and dedication, without greed, careerism, or desire for revenge.

Maybe I just want to think of him as the perfect example of how to work with determination, enthusiasm and conviction leads to crazy results. Am I a poor deluded when I'm moved to see him sick or knowing that Apple may soon leave for ever? I can not tell my kids why these emotions, yet we are. To think that one day there will be more to tell him the new iPhone ... the new Mac ... I feel an immense void. Many of you will say "who cares? The iPhone and the Mac will continue to be there and we will enjoy them as always "... It 's true. But those who, like me, become attached to things, but also the people who are behind, can only try my own discomfort ... my own sorrow by these sad thoughts.

That day, of course, will come and lovers of the world Apple will feel more united. United, like today, in this beautiful February 24, 2011 just started and which marks the 56th birthday of a person dear to us who WANT to revise the form as soon as possible, usually with his magnetic smile, her voice shrill and enthusiasm of who never gets tired of living up to their own lives.

I would like to close with a few lines of an old poem that evokes the desire to live always at the most, despite the passage of time .... and that said something like this:

"You like to dream that maybe I will feel that in time the change of a season ..

that would be great to see you back .. and after a hug ... remain.

And do not hear people ... .. not true at all. ... There is always time for everything ..

Meanwhile, I take life as it is ... ... to drive is an instinct .... To something that is worth ... .. "

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE ... From my heart ..

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