Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to view the Megavideo videos on the iPhone and Apple TV JB

In the following we will explain how to view videos on Megavideo directly on the iPhone JB and Apple TV JB.


The guide is only for Jailbroken iPhone.

1. from Cydia, add the following repo:
2. after installation go to search and install: XBMC
3. After completing the installation, open XBMC select VIDEO
4. click on Video Add-ons
5. click on Get More
6. touching the bottom of the window, place your finger up to iluminarsi of the side scroll bar look for the plugin PELISALACARTA
8. after installation, return to the HOME and go to the VIDEO, click on Video Add-ons and finally click on Pelisalacarta
9. here you go to CONFIGURATION and set your MEGAVIDEO PREMIUM MODE (USERNAME and PASSWORD) If you have one, otherwise there will be the limit of 72 minutes vision and quality of the video in low resolution.
10. Now we set Megavideo in Italian, then go to: Channels (All languages), then click on All, and we will search for CINEBLOG01
11. find a movie on this channel and click on the link
12. now we can set the quality of the video stream and launch the movie.

Apple TV

The guide is only for Apple TV Jailborken (link).

From PC or Mac

* Download the package from the official website here and dezippiamo folder on the desktop
* Connect via SSH to the Apple TV, Mac we use the program WinScp, Cyberduck for Windows
* Start the SSH communication program
* In "Host" enter the IP address of our Apple TV
* In "user", enter "root"
* In "password" enter "alpine" (remember to select the type of communication in SFTP or port 22)
* We reach the folder "Applications"
* Copy the folder, downloaded above, "Pelisalacarta"
* Expect the end of the process
* Reboot the Apple TV

Now we come to the Apple TV

Once installed, simply enter into XBMC and select menu


"Video Add-ons->

"pelisalacarta" >

"Channels (All languages)"->



At this point, enter the Code from the example Megavideo videos, if the link Meagavideo è, the code to insert will be HLQF8 select "Ver el Vìdeo", choosing between Low and High quality.

More info here.