Thursday, February 24, 2011

Intel event reinforces the imminent launch of the new MacBook Pro with Light Peak

This now really is to throw a good "Hey, what a curious" Intel has announced it will hold an event to launch "a new technology that is about to hit the market." Not mentioned directly, but it looks like we will see the launch of Light Peak as the company confirmed earlier this month that everything was ready for marketing.

And what computers will debut Light Peak? Here comes the funny thing we said before, because the day of the event Intel is the day we all hope that the Apple Store close and reopen with a new generation of MacBook Pro This increases the chances that the new Apple computers premiere this new communications port.

As mentioned a few weeks ago, the first generation of Light Peak harbors would use copper in their cables, but still reach speeds ls 10 Gigabits per second transfer in both directions simultaneously, by doubling the speed expected by the USB interface 3.0. And this is only the beginning, because optical fiber would reach even 100 Gigabits per second transfer. I'd like to see the speed at which you make backups of Time Machine with a port of its kind.

It is already one day to come out of doubt, and at least see interesting news about a Light Peak by Intel.

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