Saturday, February 26, 2011

IPad 2 A5 processor, twice the RAM and iOS 5 for next week?

You thought that the presentation of next week to dispel rumors going around iPad 2? Of course not! In fact he has done is add more fuel to the fire and now Engadget is released to the pool retracting some of the data filtered by themselves and that is that according to sources, the iPad 2 could ultimately lack the rumored SD card slot and the desired resolution enhancement.

These features would be pending for a future third generation because of some "engineering problems" that allegedly forced to make last minute changes in the next tablet of the company. So, what we will ultimately on 2 March? Well, it's likely that we find a iPad thinner and lighter while maintaining the same screen size and resolution of the current model, with twice the RAM (the same 512 MB of iPhone 4) and a more powerful processor (the A5), at least a front camera (hopefully it is a HD FaceTime as the new MacBook Pro with 720p support) and most likely a preview of iOS 5, the next version of its operating system. MobileMe What we take for granted.

For now we will give them the benefit of the doubt in recognition of how much came to a similar advance to the main features of the AppleTV though my experience in the field of advertising makes me think that the "engineering problems" are rather the same office where it was decided to remove the front chamber of the original model, the marketing department.

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