Monday, February 21, 2011

Microsoft tries to persuade companies not to buy iPads

The iPad has an advantage over their competitors, and one reason is its integration into the professional world. Companies are adopting it at a good pace, and 80% of the Fortune top 500 companies on what data are widely used by Apple. Microsoft tries to stop this change with a presentation, in which employers can view a list of the shortcomings of the tablet.

Among the arguments that we read in this presentation include the ease with which you can lose a iPad (which can compromise the security of the data), along with some techniques to sell Windows 7 tablets with incorporated companies already using iPad as a computer. Microsoft has been showing slides as you can see in the image above for some time now, since the network have been circulating since last month.

It is a logical move by Microsoft to try to avoid selling more tablets, especially seeing how the market has become increasingly making them the PCs lose some ground, and how at the Mobile World Congress every major brand except Nokia and Microsoft (curiously allies) have prepared their own tablets Android systems, WebOS and others. Personally I would say to the Redmond, before trying to convince businesses that it is not appropriate iPad try out a tablet with an optimized and more versatile (which is expected to make Microsoft with the launch of Windows 8). At last, after all, if Apple tablet has become the second "PC sales market will have been for nothing.

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