Saturday, February 26, 2011

MobileMe officially available only online

The guys at 9to5mac have received from their very interesting user a screenshot confirming the only online availability of MobileMe.

A few days ago we had reported about the disappeared from the shelves of the package containing the license for this Apple service that, from today onwards, can be purchased online only.

Currently it is not possible to purchase immediately the annual license but must necessarily rely on 60-day free trial. That Apple wants to make MobileMe free?

There are many factors that lead us to think about this but it could suffer from all those have bought just the annual license. Perhaps the news about MobileMe will be presented during the next event of 2 March, maybe just as "one more thing".

Apple's MobileMe service certainly will improve, as Steve Jobs said through an email, but its hardly will be completely free. Maximum free will decide to make the basic functionality (such as your iDisk with only 1 GB available) with possibility of improving the features by purchasing upgrade packages.

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