Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nokia says its future in the face of developers, with MeeGo N950 on its way

Nokia's vision of their systems within three years seems clear for the consumer, be doing away with Windows Phone 7 Symbian to stay, leaving MeeGo in a parallel development.

But developers face, for many incentives to submit what they want to know is what platforms will be more profitable to work. To calm things down, Nokia, with Rich Green at the helm, made a presentation at the Mobile World Congress explaining some things to us we are going to summarize.

Taking into account that just released the videos of it, we will review the status of the various systems, but first the strengths that Nokia offers developers, which are different from those that have competition (which bear fruit in present):

* A database of millions of users who make up an ecosystem where they launch their applications with security
* The best development tools

* The best shop applications, and multiple ways to get money with applications

Symbian continues to evolve

Rich Green wanted to make clear that Symbian did not disappear, but we all know that it will in the future, he wanted to sell us 3 years of life. Years in which new devices come with significant improvements in user interface. Those who have seen speak very positively about it, hopefully assume a good push to the existing terminals Symbian ^ 3.

Qt is and remains the Symbian development tool for the 75 million compatible phones on the market, and 150 million have come in his last years, with better specifications and very different designs. With numbers in hand seems to be working space, a term that they themselves put the expiration date.

Windows Phone 7 substitute

No turning back for the creation of the third major ecosystem in the market, Nokia has been presenting the development tools used in the Microsoft platform, based on four key areas: Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, XNA for game development , and Internet Explorer 9.

We understand that Nokia does not just want to use Microsoft's operating system, but with him, and thanks to competitive pricing, you gain strength in lower ranges where Symbian is the real ruler of the market, so we can qualify as a substitute.

MeeGo will have its first device in 2011

What will happen in three years? If Windows Phone 7 wins and Symbian is disappearing, it seems that MeeGo may have a special role in a company can not rely solely on Microsoft, unless this time for her to finish forming.

The Linux-based operating system will have its first phone on the market this year, said Rich Green's own. From the standpoint of software and hardware release many technological developments and to encourage developers also will continue to pursue Qt for development, with some support for what will be launching in Symbian.

Despite the development of Qt and effort thrown into it, will never WindowsPhone7, but evolve to become part of the platform of the future Nokia.

The phone will appear this year is presented as a successor to the Nokia N900, N950 possibly with the name, the worse unfortunately seems to be too oriented device development, rather than a mass product.

Betting big on S40

With over 600 million handsets in the market, will continue working on its improvement, with a new web browser built into the system-critical applications, and Java as a development platform.

Comprehensive video presentation

We have tried to summarize the major points of the same, but for those who want to see the full presentation, I leave the videos below, in four parts:

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