Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nokia will customize Windows Phone 7, do not expect major changes

As I predicted yesterday in reviewing Windows Phone 7 manufacturers, Nokia will have some privileges in terms of customizing the system, beyond the inclusion of shortcuts on the home screen or creating hubs.

The vice president of Nokia, Niklas Savander informed us that the company is working on the user experience of Windows Phone 7, something that none of the above manufacturers have been able to smell, and that HTC was particularly interested in it.

Another issue is that they want to take this opportunity, and we also anticipates that we should not expect a radical change, but change just to make the system a little Nokia, but that does not involve falling behind in updates. We all know what is happening with Android, and the Finns have taken notice.
Improvements that will benefit other manufacturers

It is possible that some improvements can be incorporated into Windows Phone 7 ahead of other manufacturers to use them. Especially on issues such as mapping and navigation. This possibility may represent an alternative way to make money for Nokia.

In short, the customizations you can do about Windows Phone 7 Nokia, are at two levels:

* High level, which can easily be carried to new versions of Microsoft operating system if it deemed necessary.

* Low, to be implemented with Microsoft, which will aim to use the system to other manufacturers.

I have curiosity about how far they will be playing Nokia, but I think the main difference will be found in the hardware itself, in its designs, including better cameras and such details. The concepts presented last few days have been received positively by the public, we have to wait a year to see the end of the first telephone.

Acer joins Fall

We'll have more information about Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft's MIX conference held in April. On the most significant upgrade of the system, Mango, come from the hand of new hardware.

Manufacturers who are already on the platform to launch new phones, but it also seems that Acer will incorporate the improvements coming to Windows Phone 7 is encouraged, and have your first phones in September, far later in October.

The push that two giants like Acer and Nokia will give us Windows Phone 7 leaves little doubt that the system will become the third option strongest in the world of Smartphones.

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