Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Perfect orientation in the city with the smallest GPS-Navi

In a strange city reliable way back to the car, which allowed according to the company the world's smallest GPS cardless "mini homer 2.4" by Navin. When leaving the car just press the mark button and the device stores the coordinates. And on the way back, the device leads unerringly back to the vehicle. The navigation system is only about the size of a matchbox and fits in a shirt pocket or on your keychain. Its battery capacity is sufficient for 14 hours of operation.

A treat the device is also for fans of geocaching, better known as the GPS scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. For he can analyze the data of up to 32 satellites simultaneously and accurately determine the location of five meters. The data logger can store up to 250 000 track points. So even big tours to record accurately and understand. Photos can also be assigned automatically to each photo location.

A sport mode informed jogger or cross-country running than walking pace, speed and altitude data. And in emergencies, the coordinates are sent to emergency services. It operated with two buttons device has also a compass and a self-Clock. With the included software "NTRIP", target data as "Points of interest are transferred directly from the home PC to the device.

The 79.90 € expensive appliance is supplied with a USB cable, a 230-volt charger, a car charger and a printed manual. Refer to it in black, white and yellow via

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