Friday, February 18, 2011

Pirelli Pzero Jazz & Jules, inspired by the dance

Pirelli and its line of footwear Pzero and we are accustomed to modern designs and, above all, comfortable. For now, on the occasion of the spring-summer surprises with two new models inspired by certain types of dance. I'm talking about the Jazz & Jules Pzero Pirelli taking as a starting point to jazz fusion and classical ballet.

Thus, Pzero Jazz shoes have focused on the jazz fused with rock rhythms. And so the result is this modern-looking shoe ideal for those who long walk, dance or move. Made of TPU, rubber and canvas features breathable treated. Disponoble emerald green and ocean blue, is priced at 185 euros.

For their part, Jules Pzero been inspired by the classic ballet, how could it be otherwise, have a look that refers to the dancers. With two rubber bands in various colors placed there to hold the foot, this model has also been made in TPU with rubber treated. In gray and yellow or blue can be purchased for 159 euros.

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