Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Socialcam: Instagram style app for video

The folks at TechCrunch shows us a preview of a new application that will arrive soon on the App Store and make enthusiastic lovers of video.

The application will be called and will be a sort of Socialcam Instagram but dedicated to video. A useful and quick to share with friends, try the video clips shot with the iPhone.

The developers decided to create this application to facilitate the sharing of videos with mobile devices. The founder of Justin.tv (who wanted to develop this application), Justin Kan thinks that sending a video via MMS or email can be a very complicated and YouTube does not allow rapid dissemination of the video to friends.

Socialcam born for this, an application that will be available for IOS for Android are currently still in beta, which will work in much the same way Instagram. Image preview, at the beginning of this article, there is a central button for recording video, two tab on the left to view the video shared by the people who follow and of yourself and two tabs on the right to view people who follow and settings.

According to what is reported by the official blog Socialcam application should arrive in the App Store by the end of March.

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