Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tim Cook joins Apple's shareholders

Tim Cook on Wednesday met February 23 with the main shareholders of the company on the block with three points on the agenda: ratification of the members of the board of directors (William Campbell, Millard Drexler, Albert Gore, Steve Jobs, Andrea Jung, Arthur Levinson and Ronald Sugar), confirming a collaboration agreement with Ernst & Young accounting management level and take stock of the situation of the company to finally answer a question and answer session with shareholders.

After reviewing the main issues of the company, Cook emphasized the 44 new Apple Stores, 10,000 million downloads in the App Store, the 160 million sold and iOS disposiitvos million Apple TV that was sold in December, main assets according to him showing the growth and strength of the company.

Arrived to questions and answers asked by competition, Android and the main devices that can bring to the market entropy of tablets and smartphones, specifically asked if Android is now the "new Windows", which said the analogy was nothing lucky or conform to reality and that the time "post PC" has not yet arrived. They were also asked if, as Android is going to allow access to more resources from the phone, this possibility is not yet covered for safety and compatibility between versions of IOS.

Eventually opened two more points, the first was in reference to a possible Apple video game console and here today said that Apple is already in the video game market with devices capable of executing all the titles in the App Store, the second subject touched the advertising cuts that secured that IAD's misinformation. As you can see nothing new under the sun, the same information and position provided confirmation that the directors of the company are taking Apple to achieve goals growing.

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