Sunday, February 27, 2011

Verizon will continue to support other smartphone manufacturers

Daniel Mead, CEO of Verizon, has recently released an interview with the Wall Street Journal that talked about the lack of queues outside Apple stores and Verizon to launch iPhone on sale recently on the network of U.S. carrier, explaining that significant proportion of sales has been placed online.

Among other things, Mead also spoke of the LTE. He explained that many believe that Apple will ignore the LTE because it has not announced anything and there is no noise about the fact that something is in the works:

You will see something else concerning Apple and LTE. They understand the value of LTE and I am pretty confident when I say that it will encompass.

Mead then concluded the interview by explaining that Verizon will continue to support BlackBerry,  Windows Phone 7 and Android, despite the excellent sales and promotion of the iPhone 4. It has also expressed an interest to carry on its network with its Windows Nokia Phone:

I phoned Stephen Elop, and I congratulated him and asked what were the plans for his company.

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