Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Western Digital, 80 GB internal hard drive

Occasionally, for maintenance, to replace an old hard disk drive on 2.5-inch form factor and certainly the solution to Western Digital is certainly interesting.

Apart from that today has become quite difficult to find a small internal drive with an IDE PATA, but surely the Western Digital hard drive with 80 GB and 5400 rpm with 8 MB cache can do to make sure for us.

The product, identified as WD800BEVE Scorpio, is designed specifically for mobile hardware platforms of all kinds - including laptops, external storage systems, digital audio, GPS, car navigation, tablet PCs and blade servers - enough to ensure attractive performance by affecting the Battery life and limiting consumption.

The internal solution WD800BEVE Scorpio provides a parameter of 5400 rpm. research and travel times of 12 ms with a standard available with 2 MB cache or 8 MB, opzionale.Non only the product of Western Digital WD is quiet thanks to technology WhisperDrive algorithms SoftSeek time someone says that the hard drive 2.5-inch WD is the quietest on the market.

The product from Western Digital provides high reliability due to its Shock Guard protects the drive from shocks of intensity up to 250 Gs while operating and 900 Gs when idle.

The solution also employs WD800BEVE Scorpio DuraStep Ramp technology that allows you to lock the heads so they do not come in contact with the hard data to provide further anti-shock protection.

The manufacturer guarantees at least 600,000 cycles without contamination (almost twice the competition) and a high resistance as the top side of the disk model WD800BEVE Scorpio is capable of providing a pressure greater than 5 lbs. - Nearly 1.5 times the industry average - without affecting the motor hub or other internal components.

Its specifications are summarized as follows:

* Capacity 80 GB
* PATA interface
* Transfer rate 13 MB / s
* Average Latency 5.5 ms
* Rotation speed 5400 rpm
* Buffer 8 Mb
* Form Factor 2.5 inch

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