Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calcolone, an application that contains more than 100 utilities and algorithms to be used in everyday life

Calcolone, an application that contains more than 100 utilities and algorithms to be used in everyday life...

Calcolone is an application for iPhone and iPod Touch, designed and developed by M. Inner Italian team, which includes a collection of utilities and algorithms to be used in everyday life, collected and categorized.


  • Emergency numbers (all the most important numbers at your fingertips);
  • GPS (send via sms or simply find your geographic coordinates);
  • lottery (see drawings);
  • WinForLife;
  • Lotto;
  • 10 &Lotto;
  • equations (quickly solve quadratic equations);
  • time zones (the time is all capitals and major cities in the world);
  • password generator;

Cars & Vehicles:

  • car tax (calculated by writing the mark of any vehicle license plate);
  • Vehicle data (get all the information by writing on a vehicle license plate);
  • license points (more points on your license);


  • currency exchange (convert all major world currencies with exchange rates in real time, also suitable for Forex rate also added gold and silver);
  • Zip code and area code (get code, code ISTAT, Province, Region, Area Code and Code of Cadastral any town in Italy);
  • Tax Code (tax code calculates for each citizen born in Italy);
  • discount (calculated on the discounted price of a product);
  • IBAN and Cin (calculated IBAN and Cin a bank account);
  • legal interest;
  • ISEE (ISEE calculates the family);
  • Leasing rate;
  • loan rate (calculated by including the rate of a loan duration and interest rate);
  • VAT unbundling;
  • APR Isc;


  • age of your dog (equivalent to human years in canines);
  • age of your cat;
  • birth date (located on your birth date from the last day of the cycle);
  • breathalyzer (find the alcohol in your blood);
  • fertile period (calculate the best time to have a child);
  • ideal weight (the utility with which no one wants to deal);
  • real life (calculated from the time you are in life from the day and time of birth);
  • ovulation date (find your date of ovulation);
  • child height (calculate the possible height of your child knowing the height of the parents);


  • results, standings and schedule of Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga, French League and Spanish Liga.

Calcolone is for sale on the App Store for only € 0.79 , a very low price, since the app is very complete and contains a myriad of applications very comfortable.

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