Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CeBIT 2011: Powerocks, super chargers for iPhone

CeBIT 2011: Powerocks, super chargers for iPhone...

As promised admin is at CeBIT in Hanover to follow the most interesting innovations regarding the Apple world. We begin this special with external batteries for iPhone and iPad Powerocks.

The Powerocks is a Chinese company that will deploy in the coming months even in Italy the products presented at CeBIT. The company specializes in external batteries and, in addition to classic enclosures that allow you to recharge the iPhone (very similar to those in trade for some time in Italy), in the catalogue will also have two very interesting solutions.

It involves two types of batteries very functional and compatible with iPhone, iPad and mini USB devices and micro USB. The first solution, from larger, also allows you to recharge two devices simultaneously and say manufacturers, ensures about 100% recharge on iPad and about 170% on iPhone. This battery is 7600mAh. Logically, if you connect two devices, the values of cuts. The second solution (2600 mAh) is certainly more portable and also aesthetically valuable. Available in different colours (at CeBIT we could see only the white model and model viola), this battery can be used on the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. In this case charging values are approximately 40% for iPad and about 70% for the iPhone. The marketing will start within two months.

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