Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flickr app for mobile devices equipped with Windows 7, officially launched

Flickr app for mobile devices equipped with Windows 7, officially launched...

We had our friend Yira Albornoz in early January that Flickr was preparing an application for phones equipped with Windows Phone 7 and tablets running Windows 7. Well, the launch is now official, Flickr just announced on his blog.

If you're using Windows Phone 7 know that the program has been available for several weeks in the Marketplace . In fact, there have been various updates and you can download version is 1.1. If you update frequently may already have one.

Among the new features that Flickr announced for the two applications include:

  • View all recent activities and past work uploaded to your contacts.
  • Optimized for viewing new high resolution screen, zoomable.
  • " Context View , a completely new way to access the history of the image and its author.
  • Geolocation capability in a full-screen interactive map.
  • Easy to share pictures with your friends from your mobile device directly from Flickr and Facebook, Twitter or email.

In short, a careful design tool and very useful for users of social network acquired by Yahoo, which has recently experienced a reversal by the emergence of other ways to share images by using Facebook mainly.

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