Thursday, March 3, 2011

Steve Jobs: When the passion is over ... [OUR THOUGHTS]

Steve Jobs: When the passion is over ... [OUR THOUGHTS]...

Tonight we were all amazed to see a bruised but still perky Steve Jobs, always present in the style of the new iPad 2, the last brilliant "creation" of his long work in Apple. The steps above the stage, perhaps influenced by so many rumors about his illness, they seemed more weary and insecure, but only because of its increasingly apparent thinness. It does not matter. We are so happy to have seen him still drive the classic keynote that we can only give you a virtual pat on the shoulder and say once again "You are great Steve"

In recent weeks there are more entries come in all writing blogs, newspapers and TV about the imminent end of Steve Jobs. Some of these funds, others much less so. That the CEO of Apple is not well know for some years and not by chance we saw him lose weight month after month to become the "stick" now. However, as repeated many times, we must stop thinking of him only as a terminal patient, first because no one knows, except him and a few others, which is the true situation of his body weakened. According because despite all its problems, Steve Jobs first showed us, once again today, what does it mean to believe in their work, in its passions, in their daily work.

"A true leader never see the sunset" and someone said these words must be cemented in the mind of one who, over the years, has given everything, absolutely everything himself in the recovery and affirmation of one of the most popular companies in the world The Apple note.

Today, looking around, gesturing, smiling and make the right breaks and a magnetism shows us all the incredible news of the new tablet from Apple, I had an epiphany: If Steve Jobs will heal again and again off the purple halo that everyone seems to have turned on him over the head, maybe he will understand that it's time to step aside in the daily work of his company.

But it would still have a chance to be idolized but even more now: to appear in public only and only during the keynote presentation of new products. It 2 times a year would become a must for all his admirers and Keynote, Apple would become a real solemn moment at which to stop and give voice to his mentor, his bigger image.

" Steve Jobs is today taking 70 years and with the joy and spirit has always presented to the world 's iTime , the amazing device that brings back to the user, the best moments of his life in an overwhelming mix of images and video , digging among the lost memories of the mind "

How nice it would feel, in a bit 'of years, an ad like that eh? Of course, now it's just my imagination to travel, but my imaginary projection of the future wants to be just another good luck to a 56 year old who still has so many things to do and say, I am convinced it can overcome even that other sensitive time.

Besides, think about it: Steve Jobs away from Apple, enjoying the rest and just about their health, closely following only the most important decisions and attendance, on time and in optimal shape, the official keynote, followed by the whole world.

Apple is walking a path that will take 20 years to overcome and recover Microsoft finally, finally, and with interest, the global dominance of the PC and mobile market. It would be nice if, on the day this dream will come true, there may still be the good old Steve to tell us about it.

Welcome back Steve! Now a long rest and see you in June for the next Keynote dedicated to the launch of iPhone 5!

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