Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snappgrip provides camera controls for smartphones

Snappgrip provides camera controls for smartphones...  Now Snappgrip introducing a new great gadget to control or make your smartphone more than smart.

Now user can control all camera features in one hand through Snappgrip Camera Control gadget. The gadget is not available in market but coming soon in February. Through this gadget user can access own smartphone via bluetooth or wireless.

Snap on the snappgrip controller and gain access to real shooting controls including:

  1.     full press to take picture
  2.     half press to focus
Shooting Mode
  1.     Portrait
  2.     Landscape
  3.     Flash
  4.     Video
  1.     Zoom In
  2.     Zoom Out


  1. Wireless control over your smartphone via Bluetooth and an Android app or an iOS app.
  2. An iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3-specific case to which the Snappgrip controller is easily attached or removed.
  3. A tripod mounting point at the base of the controller.
  4. A power switch and a micro USB connector for easy recharging with any standard USB/micro-USB cable.
  5. An internal lithium ion battery that will last up to 60 hours on standby.

So if you’re intend to turn your Galaxy S3 into Galaxy Camera, give it a try to make you happy, the SnappGrip will cost you $79  at this time, so hurry up and pre-order SnappGrip for Galaxy S3 because otherwise it’ll retail for $99. Head over to the SnappGrip official page to pre-order it here.

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