Saturday, May 1, 2010

Google Adds Virtual Keyboard to It's Search Engine

In a bid to improve site accessibility, Google have integrated a virtual keyboard option into the worlds most popular search engine.

If you wish to enter searches into Google in your own language but the computer you are using has a foregn keyboard then fear not, because as of today you can select a virtual keyboard from the left of the search box on the Google search homepage. When selected, the virtual keyboard will be displayed alongside the search bar so that you can use the mouse to input characters in your own language.

Imagine the scene... You're in Bangkok and you find an Internet Cafe full of computers but you can't read the keyboard, so you can't search for the nearest hotel, disaster (trust me I know, I did this!). You needn't worry about such issues from now on, well that is if your language is one of the 35 currently supported (more will be rolled out over time so don't look to dissapointed).

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