Tuesday, March 1, 2011

500,000 Gmail accounts have been "reset" by accident (updated: are 150,000 accounts)

500,000 Gmail accounts have been "reset" by accident (Updated: are 150,000 accounts)...

Imagine one day and try to get a Gmail account you come across a completely empty with no email, chat, attachment, etc. It is certainly a scary situation, especially for those who are set to run in circles with just a few hours to drop the Gmail service.

However, that same "scary situation" I just happened to over half a million users of Gmail, who first had trouble logging into your account, and when they finally were able to enter, they have realized that all emails and files that are no longer kept. Worse, these accounts show message "welcome", as if they were created recently, which shows that they have been reset by accident.

To put it in context, the problem of resetting Hotmail accounts that he suffered a few weeks ago hit 17,000 users. As Gmail now affects 500,000 people, nearly 30 times more.

But even though there are more people affected, Google still he can "face" to handle the situation better than Microsoft. Remember that users with Hotmail accounts "erased" had to wait 3-4 days on average for Redmond solve the problem, or up to 7 days in some cases. If Google takes less to restore the accounts, would be proving to have a better reaction than that of Microsoft at the time.

The Google have said they are working to restore as soon as the missing information (email, chat, attachments). As soon as they update news about the post. Still, if you're one of those affected is recommended that you look at the Google help forum, or Gmail Status Dashboard.

Update: Google says that the accounts of some users are back to normal, and that will solve the problem of all accounts in a "near future" (whatever they mean by that.)

Update 2: Google has corrected the number of accounts affected, now say they are "only" 150,000. With this the number of users affected would be 9 times more than in the case of Hotmail, not 30.

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