Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iSlash, another addictive triumphing in the App Store game

iSlash, another addictive triumphing in the App Store game...

The simple but addictive games on mobile platforms succeed, we have seen cases of Angry Birds or Cut The Rope and now iSlash is eager to follow suit.

iSlash is a very simple game that might fit into the category of puzzles, although it is not exactly a puzzle. The mechanics of the game is very simple: we are presented with a geometrical shape of wood which are wandering about Ninja stars, our task is to go cut the wood, leaving all the stars in a smaller space that should become a little much for Total spend percent level.

As we go through the levels the game becomes complicated with metal corners for which can not be cut or stars with special properties.

At the moment iSlash has over one hundred levels and the application is updated with free upgrades, probably one of the pillars of success Angry Birds. Its developers, Duello Games, say they have gone from half a million downloads and pace that will not take long to pass the million.

This is just another addictive game to kill those little moments without any complications or large frames.

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