Thursday, February 17, 2011

Apple and Google announced their subscription and publication services for publishers

Sooner or later this would happen. Apple and Google leverage its infrastructure to become distribution platforms and content delivery for publishers. That is, we subscribe to newspapers, magazines and other publications through these platforms.

On the one hand we have Apple, which will allow users to subscribe through their App Store. We choose the time of subscription pay as you would any other application on the App Store. Thus we have in our device iOS each new issue of the publication.

In Google's case the process is a little different. Platform is a separate and unrelated to the Android Market, Google will be called One Pass. We will have our subscriptions from your phone or tablet (though not specific, most likely be Android devices at least at first) and from the web. Payments would be made through Google Checkout.

Apple has not mentioned anything of geographical restrictions, so do not know if it is only available for the U.S. or the rest of the world. Google itself has said that One Pass is available in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, UK and USA.

As companies have already adopted the one hand we have The Daily Apple's platform and PRISA media as Popular Science or with Google One Pass.

Both services are the incursion of these two companies in the world of content, a relatively new field for them. We do not know how they will be welcomed by the content industry and who will best go, because each one has its advantages: Apple with a strong culture of payment and a more settled App Store and Google with a system that can reach more users than Apple.

Personally, although I like the idea of subscribing to magazines and newspapers without too much trouble on my phone, I do not like the idea that Google and Apple are those who handle the distribution. It seems too big a leap of areas, technology companies getting in this way in the publishing world. And you, what do you think?

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