Thursday, February 17, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Connector comes to the App Store

Microsoft's first application in the App Store and the first implementation of the new company to control their mobile devices from a Mac OS X. It seems that Microsoft is prepared to its mobile operating system to succeed, even if it means creating applications for the Mac App Store.

The application, designed to synchronize your Windows Phone7 new equipment is compatible with any terminal or Zune HD, and since it allows us to synchronize any content, except for applications with your mobile device. The main features are:

* Sync music, movies, TV shows and podcasts from the iTunes library to their existing devices.
* Sync photos and videos from your existing iPhoto library with your devices
* Recover photos and videos taken on your Windows Phone and device automatically import existing iPhoto library
* Examine and display a preview of multimedia elements that are on devices

* Download and install operating system updates for the Windows Phone.

A fairly complete application in which the only downside is that you can use or synchronization of files with DRM so I understand that the music purchased on iTunes can not be synchronized using this program. You can download the program from the Mac App Store for free.

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