Friday, February 25, 2011

Apple could have reduced the production volume of the iPad 2

Right now, Apple has finally set a date for the submission of the iPad 2, leaving the way Digitimes reporting on a possible reduction in the initial production targets set by the company for the launch. Although Apple and Foxconn, responsible for making the iPad, maintain a pact of silence, the leaks from the supply chain of Chinese manufacturers are hardly avoidable.

Estimates suggest that the production figures iPad 2 300.000/400.000 would have reduced the units between February and March from the initially planned units 400.000/600.000. Currently, Apple could have a million and a million and half units iPad in stores in January just ordered two million more pointed at the end of product life cycle.

Different market observers showed concern about the ability of providers to supply enough Apple displays to deliver on its objectives, but Digitimes sources indicate that the apple company has three different suppliers to avoid precisely this, LG Display , Samsung Electronics and Innolux Chimei (CMI).

Do iPad 2 launch next week with immediate availability in stores or perhaps assist its debut alongside the announcement of a date closest marketing to the original model, on April 3?

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