Friday, February 25, 2011

Windows Phone 7 updating raging in some terminals

We have identified a technical problem with the process of updating Windows Phone affecting a small number of phones. In response to this new problem we have temporarily removed the latest update software for Samsung phones in order to correct it as soon as possible to redistribute the update.

However, contrary to the official statement from Microsoft, the first update for Windows Phone 7 still seems to be available. According to at least several digital media update would not have been withdrawn, while still on Wednesday morning available for download.

A hard stick to the Redmond that after the targeted both its alliance with Nokia, expects to reap a huge success with his young mobile platform. However it seems that not everything will be plain sailing, although some evidence suggests that the error may be in the terminals themselves and not Samsung's own software update, but they have also found errors in some HTC.

Microsoft does not react in time

However, Microsoft only managed to stop sending notifications to the terminals that had not yet received, which they announced the availability of this update, leaving the software available for download from any unwary. A blunder by the software giant has made it possible for some users suddenly found that his phone had been transformed into a simple paperweight to be totally useless.

We found a success rate of 90% globally for customers when trying to install this update. The remaining 10%, the two main problems are the result of customer problems and Internet connectivity insufficient storage space on your phone or PC. These represent more than half of the reported problems with this update.

The most damaged Samsung

However, much of the reported cases have occurred primarily in the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus, which have experienced serious problems when installing the update, coming to stop at different stages of the process without any explanation.

Luckily for some, depending on the breaking point, the phone comes to life with a simple reboot of the system but without the update installed. For the less fortunate, the corruption of their phone's firmware will have to contact your carrier and check the options for repair or replacement of the terminal that is offered.

Apparently it boils down to the assortment of versions of firmware that Samsung has distributed to its terminals. Some versions as JI9, IADB JJ4 and is used in the Samsung Omnia 7 fail. Not so those who bear the latest version JK1, but not many guarantees, having to resort to Samsung Diagnostic application to know which is which is your terminal before to try to ensure the integrity of the terminal before to take action.

Windows Phone 7 on quicksand

This is a blow to Samsung and the trust that customers have placed in the brand. But above all, is a blow for Microsoft, noting some serious gaps in the distribution and installation of your operating system, away from the closed architecture towards greater stability and performance on which hangs the long shadow of fragmentation.

By the time the Redmond continue to work on a solution to have ready soon, "the updater to update" that leads them to meet deadlines "node", but have not given it a precise date for its relaunch.

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