Monday, February 28, 2011

As should be the push notifications on iOS

As should be the push notifications on iOS...

Let's be honest, the method by which Apple has decided to push on to deal with notifications IOS is pretty pitiful. Of course, the notifications allow you to stay (albeit virtually) always connected to the network without a true multitasking, but it would be nice to see all the notifications received in one place?

The simple answer is: you can not. The problem of the Apple system becomes evident when you receive more than five notifications simultaneously. Obviously, the most recent being in plain sight, but to access the earlier notifications must first get rid of all the above, one by one.

In recent months, several concepts have been shown to improve the system for Apple, and one of the more interesting you can see in the video posted at the beginning of this article. The solution is now on Cydia, and it's called MobileNotifier, available for free download.

The teak allows you to display notifications on a toolbar at the top (in true Apple style) just under the bar with the time. Tap the bar allows you to set and work on notifications.

Apple may have a few days iOS 5 (during the event on March 2). It would be nice to see a new notification system for the next IOS software.

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