Monday, February 28, 2011

IOS programming: download and install Xcode and iOS SDK

IOS programming: download and install Xcode and iOS SDK...

Here we're starting tomorrow iPhoner participate in the course of programming promoted by iOS MobileAcademy Meditate, and every day will be informing people about the topics covered also provided to all interested readers to the signs begin to navigate the world of programming IOS. Preliminary step is to prepare the computer for those who are installing the development tools provided by the same Apple.Strumento unique for this type of programming is Xcode is a complete development environment created by Apple itself with which you can create both applications Mac and resources for IOS. To create applications iOS you must also download the latest SDK (Software Development Kit), but the site dedicated to developers can download and install a single package that contains both Xcode 3.2.5 iOS SDK 4.2.

To develop applications iOS you must first have a Mac, as Xcode and iOS SDK only work on Mac Download is easy, we list the following steps:

* Connect to the website devoted to Apple developers
* If you already have an Apple ID, such as the one we use for iTunes, we can already log in using the appropriate button. Simply fill in the fields related to their profile and follow the instructions to have access to the private developers
* If you do not have an Apple ID will need to create one, just click on the top right on the Register button and the page that appears to follow all the steps to register.
* Once you have access to our data we can already see the resources available, and scrolling the page in the downloads section called (as the opening image), we can proceed to the download by clicking on  Xcode 3.2.5 and iOS SDK 4.2

The file has a weight of 3.5 Gb, so the time of the download depends on your connection speed. It 's a file with a. Dmg, then an image file that, when opened, will give the opportunity to install the stuff on your Mac do not think I need to explain how you install a program on the Mac, but this installation requires a quite some time.

At the end of the operation Xcode and iOS  SDK installed. Not find them in the Applications folder of your account, but you must enter your HD, where the Developer folder in the Applications folder and then find the programs installed, the latest being Xcode. Clearly, faster ways to start the application are or to create an icon on the dock or to press the search button on the toolbar of the finder and type in Xcode, which will be immediately found.

For now it's all here, so you can become familiar with the development environment and have the Mac set to start this adventure. See you tomorrow for the start of the course!

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