Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Krait mobile Qualcomm

Qualcomm plans to launch its latest proposal, or a new type of chipset solutions for mobile Krait identified as mobile.

In fact, the event in Barcelona, MWC, Qualcomm has decided to present a new work platform can offer advantages to the solutions of movable type.

Qualcomm has thus decided to launch a new family, the Qualcomm Snapdragon Krait.

The new processor developed by Qualcomm is able to ensure the working frequency of 2.5 GHz per core and can provide, according to the manufacturer's instructions, a performance ratio of at least a factor of 1:1.5, home to the solutions already on the ARM market.

The new home of Qualcomm chipsets are offered in different forms, in fact, according to comments from the manufacturer, should be available soon in different hardware platform with specific design criteria.

Snapdragon aims solutions from a single core to get at least four core to ensure the presence of Adreno series GPU with full support to 3D LTE modem module with built-in.

The last family of Snapdragon chipset will include solutions from single core MSM8930, MSM8960 version with dual and quad-core variant with APQ8064.

All versions of this family using a solution based on four modules to provide flexible connectivity with GPS, WFI, Bluetooth and FM.

Not only that, the manufacturer has ensured that its proposals will be able to ensure the management of NFC, or near field communication, and the ability to manage the 3D photo and video capture and playback.

Recall that the MSM8930 single-core variant is the first single-core solution with integrated part LTE modem designed specifically for the segment of smartphones tecnoligie. The variant is the presence Adreno do 305 with the potential to provide a performance increase of at least six times compared to previous solutions.

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