Monday, February 21, 2011

Intel 510 series with solid state drives

Intel and its new 510 series-based solid state drive technology, a new series that provides increased performance, in fact, according to some analysts, the new 510 will be able to provide SATA 6 Gbps up to 34nm manufacturing process.

Currently, the U.S. giant has not yet given enough information on the process technology used, and its performance for the new solid-state memory.

In fact, some observers have pointed out that Intel will present its new memories, or 510 series, on form factor 2.5-inch MLC flash on 34nm technology in early March.

The information disseminated on the rate assumed the arrival of two new memory modules on SSD, or a 120 GB and one 250 GB.

The first model should be suggested at a price of $ 280, while the second proposal would cost around $ 580.

Performance? First, it is still unclear benefits of these new solutions to Intel even though many observers believe that the two memories can provide a data rate of at least 470 MB / s read and about 315 MB / s write.

The ratio of 20,000 IOPS should be read with reading random blocks of 4 Kb and 5000 write IOPS.

Compared to earlier information, or when the major manufacturers announcing solutions based on 25 nm, it is probably not an afterthought, but if anything, greater caution on the technological potential in the game.

Indeed, with this new proposal, Intel prefers to take time to resolve, in all likelihood, the various problems which arose on technologies to lower cut.

Intel intends to continue along this line in order to provide more solid state memory and integrated manufacturing process at a premium, or 25 nm, but at the moment the answer to many problems.

At the same time other companies in the memory segment certainly they are not looking: OCZ or Corsair series with F80A and F115.

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