Saturday, February 19, 2011

The family will receive Desire Gingerbread HTC Desire S after departure

Currently only officially available  Nexus S Android 2.3, better known as Gingerbread, but at the Mobile World Congress leading manufacturers showed their new phones with the latest version, at least Sony Ericsson, HTC, and Samsung the most important.

HTC plans to upgrade their existing handsets when I have adapted and optimized its interface HTC Sense, and tell us not come until the HTC Desire S is in the street, sometime in the spring, "May?.

It is undoubtedly good news for mobile users, and I speak in plural because we speak the original Desire, and its variants more modern and powerful HTC Desire HD and Z.

The news comes from the mouth of its own HTC at Mobile World Congress, and although this does not mean that times may be long as in the past, we believe that from now manufacturers are going to take this matter more seriously.

Speculating a bit in June might think that the update may be received, the date on which we would be talking about Ice Cream, but you know that this works well. Hopefully that does not go to after the summer.

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