Saturday, February 19, 2011

New scoring method, police investigated missing on Facebook

For several months, a young woman from Burgwedel is missing - the police still groping in the dark Hannover. Therefore, the officials have decided to apply a new, somewhat unusual discovery method: To search for the missing on the social network Facebook. So that the police department is the nation's first with its own Facebook profile.

Because of a missing woman from the past four months Burgwedel is nowhere near Hanover, the Hanover Police Department has decided to go in investigating a new way. Officials have set up a Facebook page called "Hanover police," on which they Ö case of the 20-year-old Çiçek. . Report The aim of the action is that users of social networks to the case carefully and disseminate information on their Facebook contacts. "Facebook has 15 million members in Germany alone. This is a huge communication potential, we want to use to identify new leads, "quoted the regional daily Neue Presse" the police spokesman Stefan Wittke on their online portal.

In their investigation, the police officers had been able to find out that the missing had been staying before her disappearance, often on the web. "Çiçek has a lot on the internet chatting. But on Facebook, they had more than 100 contacts, "said the police spokesman for the newspaper. These contacts will the Hanover Police Department are now using to any new information on Çiçek Ö. to obtain. "We break up new ways," said Witt, ". So far it nationwide no police department that has an official Facebook account," The use of social network was initially developed as a pilot for six months, as Hanover's chief of police Uwe Binias according to Süddeutsche . com said. " On the communication platform releases are solely as witnesses calls are common.

According to the Neue Presse is Çiçek Ö. That comes from a Yazidi family since the 18th Disappeared in October 2010. Despite several searches using sniffer dogs and helicopters continued the search for the student's unsuccessful. However, because in a wooded area the cell phone the 20-year-old was found walking the police officials believe that the young woman her family did not leave voluntarily. Although they had arrested a suspect about two months ago, but when the suspicion against the 29-year-olds not substantiated, he was released.

While the manhunt 2.0 in Germany is still uncharted territory, it belongs in the United States has already become accepted through social networks to search for offenders. And in other countries, the discovery method uses the internet more and more by: So British police for example, receive instruction in how to follow on Twitter or Facebook, the trail of criminals.

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