Friday, February 25, 2011

Fix Contacts the app to re-order the book on the iPhone

Fix Contacts is a good application that allows you to rearrange the iPhone address book contacts.

Very often, when you buy an iPhone, sending the contacts from a phone or SIM card as you realize that the names of contacts are not saved with the full field name, but first and last name are entered in the name, a bit 'laziness, a bit' out of necessity, to tidy up the contacts is indispensable.

Fix Contacts solves this problem, in fact, thanks to the internal algorithms,
identifies the contacts without a name or without name and set name already in the appropriate fields. So, just save the contact, or only work manually change any nicknames or to make corrections.

Functions supported on contacts:

* Set the name Shift
* Set the name Shift
* Delete a contact
* Reverse first and last name

Fix Contacts also lets you make a full backup of the book to be sent directly via email or save it through iTunes (share) on the computer.

The application is available on the App Store at a price of 0.79 € or free lite version (no delete function and reverse contact name).

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