Friday, February 25, 2011

Federal Network Agency reduced termination charges final

The rates for calling to mobile phones could go on. The Federal Network Agency on Thursday set the new mobile termination charges are fixed for good. Accordingly, the four mobile network operators may retroactively from 1 December 2010 to just over half as much cash for calls from competitors' networks as before.

The regulatory authority had already determined the end of November 2010, new tariffs only provisional. They were only slightly changed, said the agency in Bonn. Accordingly, Deutsche Telekom may take 3.38 cents per minute, Vodafone 3.36 cents. Previously, the two big operators had received 6.59 cents.

The smaller carrier conceded to November 7.14 cents per minute and must now make do with 3.39 cents (O2), or 3.36 cents (E-Plus). The regulatory authority establishes the reduction with the sharp increase network capacity, especially thanks to the traffic of smartphones. As the costs in the mobile networks so far not proportional to the increased use, would drop the charges per minute, it said.

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