Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The likely departure of the MacBook Pro on Thursday, a birthday gift for Steve Jobs

Data that does not stop coming on the new MacBook Pro is too inconclusive to doubt if an imminent launch this week, very soon. There are people who are waiting even today, being Tuesday, the Apple Store close and reopen with new laptops. It is not unreasonable, Apple loves Tuesdays and we all know, but perhaps the company has decided to wait for Thursday (the betting around the world), for one simple reason: it is the birthday of Steve Jobs.

The CEO of Apple, which has just over a month of temporary low for health reasons, met 56 years next month. Perhaps from the company have decided to slightly modify the launch of the new computers until this day as a birthday gift and to show support for his temporary retirement. And when I say not necessarily slow to change, according to AppleInsider the release date was scheduled in March but have worked around the clock to throw before and to make this gesture.

Apple has done something special in other years with the reason for Steve's birthday. The Apple shareholder meeting is also held around that day (this year marks the day 23), and sometimes at the same meeting he has sung "Happy Birthday" spot. We'll see if finally launching the MacBook Pro arrives for the birthday or on the other hand there is something to prevent it. Birthday or not, the new notebooks are just around the corner.

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