Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The white iPhone4 arrive shortly before iPhone 5 white? [Rumor]

Now it's almost a joke. In June 2010 when it was launched iPhone 4 said that black was the white version on the market next month, so much so that many users do not buy the black one on purpose just to wait for the white model. As we saw in July 2010 did not get anything, everything was postponed until after the summer, at Christmas, then in spring 2011. Now we are almost in the spring and there is even talk of a roll of white iPhone 4 in late May, a month before the official launch of the eagerly awaited iPhone 5. It will be a good choice?

The reason for this choice (if the rumor is true) is to be found on the materials used for the front dell'iPhone5 White, who will be "tested" white sull'iPhone4 to launch a month earlier. This could bring a benefit to Apple to see if the white iPhone 4 has happened (maybe selling it at reduced price, given the imminent release of the iPhone 5) and above all make him a guinea pig to test whether the choice of using a touch-produced by a company called Wintek has been successful.

In addition, by leaving behind the white iPhone 4 summer might suggest to many users that the iPhone 5, for once, be postponed and not come out in the traditional month of June.

In short, once the news is dirty and unsafe. We'll see if this elusive white iPhone 4 will see the light or not.

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