Friday, February 25, 2011

SAP plans to press for compensation for Oracle data theft

The German software giant SAP tries herunterzuhandeln the damages for the theft of data at the U.S. arch-rival Oracle.

The Walldorf asked the court in Oakland, California, late on Wednesday (local time), to reduce the penalties $ 1,300,000,000 to a maximum of $ 408,700,000. Alternatively, SAP aims at a completely new trial.

The amount of damages based on pure speculation, SAP established its input, and called it a miscarriage of justice. The court will on 13 July deal again with the case who had been holding the entire industry on tenterhooks. Also, the computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard had been drawn into the process. There, now the former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker is on top.

SAP had already announced action against the verdict. But fully confident of victory, SAP is Europe's biggest software company has ramped up its provisions for a massive legal battle to over 1 billion €.

The cause of the dispute is already years ago: SAP was the acquisition of software maintenance company TomorrowNow fall 2005 in the mess. TomorrowNow employees had illegally downloaded in large-scale updates to Oracle. Oracle sued in 2007 on charges of data theft and was late November before a jury court.

SAP has acknowledged the failings in the core and apologized for it. The total loss estimate the Walldorf in its recent entry, but on only 28 million dollars. The verdict is not final yet. If SAP decides to go to the revision, the process will be reopened in another court.

SAP is the world leader in business software. Companies use it to control their business processes, such as bookkeeping and customer management. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison spent in recent years, dozens of billions of dollars on acquisitions to catch up. Oracle is the number one in database.

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