Friday, March 4, 2011

CeBIT 2011: Power Projector and other products presented by Mili

CeBIT 2011: Power Projector and other products presented by Mili...

Mili, one of the companies to pay increasing attention to the iPhone world, presented at CeBIT, the new Power Projector, Projector with battery for iPhone 4.

The Power Projector is a very interesting product: on one side of a projector is of excellent quality, thanks to which you can use the TV out of the iPhone to transmit video, photos and compatible apps directly on the wall, the other incorporates a battery Extra able to recharge the iPhone in case of need. In other words, Mill is always attentive to those who are the consumers and knows that the iPhone by using it to transmit video and presentations can be dramatic for the battery.

Besides this product, Mili has introduced a new series of external battery packs, all carefully designed and features excellent as always. These batteries can provide several hours of additional iPhone, use it enough for a whole day without the fear of having to find an outlet.

All new products are available in Mili Italy at the best iPhone accessories stores.

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