Thursday, March 3, 2011

Intel introduces its new line up Serial ATA

Intel introduces its new line up Serial ATA...

Intel has decided to bring its new line of solid state memory-based SATA or the new SSD 510. Intel offers this week its new lines SSD , solid state driver, specially designed for the consumer segment.

According to information from the new drivers have been made in order to exploit the huge capacity available from the serial ATA , in fact, the information data rate techniques allow us to affirm the order of 450 MB / s read, and can activate write about 300 MB / s with an IOPS, input / output operations per second, in reading 20K 4KB, while writing can get 5K.

The new line of Intel, SSD 510 , offers higher performance in terms of access, read and write, than any other hardware platform siblings.

Previously, the product was known as Elmcrest , today is the new Intel SSD series 510 with 34-nm manufacturing process on NAND flash technology that ensures a data rate of the order of 500 MB / s read and 315 MB / s write.

Intel's new products will be available with a capacity of 250 GB at a price of $ 584, while the 120 GB version is $ 284 off a batch of 1000 pieces.

Intel is quite confident about his chances so that Pete Hazen, director of solutions marketing for Intel's NAND Solutions Group.

The Intel 510-series SSD helps round out our product line and SSD Was specifically designed for applications require high That sequential media transfers. Whether it is a gamer wanting impeccable visual performance and faster game loading, or a performance-intensive workstation user, the new 6Gb / s SATA SSD from Intel is not only Significantly Faster Than the top 10RPM gaming HDD, it's Also Faster Than two Raided gaming HDDs

The product is offered with three-year warranty with a parameter MTBF, Meantime Between Failures, 1.2 million hours of operation.

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